Sunday, 11 February 2018

Relationship with God

Honestly I’ve been kinda thinking about it for sometime now. I’ve been to different churches mostly african (ghanaian) churches and truth be told I hate what the pastor or priest preaches. One was about women. in a nutshell he said that all women are evil. I won't refer to myself or any other female I know as evil. Another one was about how old women in some families use beads to exhaust the youth of the family members to live long. Another one was talking bad about other religions. I don't understand how some priest, pastors refer to themselves as prophets?!? I don't understand why they preach that people who are doing evil should die, instead of finding the right path and be saved. I don't understand why old traditions should not be held because of a religion (christianity) which was forced on to africans.  I live by treating people the way I want to be treated and try not to judge. And if God really is as merciful as people say I guess he would forgive me for not having a relationship with him due to all these things and probably more.
maybe I should add that I do believe there's something greater than the human being (sad if not). something that made all this possible call it nature or destiny or maybe even god
I also don't understand the speaking in tongues and why some people have to praise god with a megaphone in the middle of the night whiles others try to sleep to get enough rest for the stressful day ahead of them. i think that's kinda selfish. Oh and have services not only on sundays but almost every single day of the week (at least it feels like it) and more than once on a sunday. I mean I don't mind people praising God whenever or wherever they want my problem is that they do it very loud and sometimes  at times when people actually are sleeping. I know that muslims for example pray five times a day and that they are called when prayer time is due but its not as intense as what some churches do and it doesn't last that long. Sorry for this extreme long text, but when I start writing about something I can't stop.

Sorry but there is more 😰. It feels like the request of me giving it a thought has broken a dyke in my head. I think why I cant see myself having a relationship to God is that I don't like and understand how others use/treat/live their relationship to God. Many things are not logic to me and maybe they are not supposed to be. But for me they just have to. I also haven't met someone who I can see as a role model when  it comes to a relationship with God.

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