Friday, 27 January 2017

The feeling of love

The feeling of love

Have you been in love before?
I mean that love which makes you feel like
you can conquer the world?
The love that makes you feel like you and
your love are the only people on earth?
The love described in songs and plays?
I don’t know if I have been.
I mean does it really feel that way?
Do you really feel like you are on cloud
seven and you don’t walk but glide?
Or is it just the imagination of songwriters,
screenwriters and poets?
I am not sure, maybe I am just too realistic to
truly understand what loving means.
We all know, no matter what happens
we would never be able to conquer
the world or be the only people on earth.
Do we even want to be the only people here?
Wouldn’t that get boring after awhile?
I take the words too serious, I know.
Okay so realistically we can’t do all these things.

Which means we feel a feeling which
we have never experienced before.

A feeling that makes us happier than happy.
A feeling that makes us more fulfilled than fulfilled.
A feeling that makes us more joyful than joyful.
A feeling that makes us more powerful than powerful.
A feeling that is so strong, so good that
millions of songs have been sung about it,
millions plays played about it.

And still is indescribable for the most of us.