Friday, 3 February 2017


After we have had two world wars. And are aware of all these conflicts in the world, why do people are still fill with so much hatred towards people just because they have another skin colour or another religion? It is very difficult for me to understand. And when thinking about it makes me quiet sad.
I would like to ask those who voted for the brexit why they did what they did.
I would like to ask those who voted for Donald Trump why they did what they did.
What do they hope to get from the decisions they made?

I was on the bus one day. And there was a girl, around three or four years old making facing at me. Pushing her lips forward to imitate my lips. Why was she doing that? Her mother seemed embarrassed seeing her young daughter doing that. Did the girl knew what she was doing? What is the mother to do? Tolerate or ignore it? Should she pat her on her back tell her off?

I didn’t know what to do.

If it was meant in a rude way, then I am very astonished how even the younger once are already disrespecting others just because of their race. I hope with all my heart that her mother will teach her that we are all human beings. We come to earth the same way. We leave earth the same way.

If our parents failed to raise us to see that discrimination and hatred is wrong. I hope that we will be better.

There are white people, there are brown people, there are black people, there are mixed people and there are people in between all this.